Code of Ethics for Students

Our College has an Alumni Association which facilitates the outgoing students of the college .We have a strong rapport with our Alumni.



Students are to be behave in a disciplined manner both in words and action.


Students are to be display their Identity Cards, in their person whenever the attended classes of sit for Examination.


Students are required to attend their classes Regularly and punctually.


Students have to attain 75% of their attendance, as per University’s norm’s.


Students should refrain from keeping their mobile in a SWITCH ON mode while attending classes


Students are prohibited from smoking or using of any kind of intoxicants inside the Campus.


Students are required to appear in Class Tests and End Semester Examination.


Students are required to clear their outstanding college fees and return books taken from the college library, before appearing the Semester Examination.


Students are to be aware that Ragging is a Punishable Crime. Any form of Ragging or intimidation of any sort will be firmly dealt with.

Students are to be aware that the College is a Plastic Free Zone. Care should be taken with use and disposal of plastic Components in the Campus.